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Florence is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Italy and the world. It gave to birth many of the men who have more profoundly influenced the course of human history in every field of knowledge, art, literature and philosophy. Most of the world artistic patrimony is believed to be here, in Florence. Florentia, the city of flowers was the place where the Renaissance grew and anticipated Enlightenment and thus Modernity as a whole. Florence is reached every day by crowds of visitors who, in the attempt of seeing the city in only few days, are often overwhelmed by the huge amount of beauty and culture that the simple walking around its ancient streets imposes to every eye. Probably, a life dedicated entirely to the study of this unique city would not be sufficent to deepen the subject exhaustively enough. Surely, it is not possible to explain properly every monument, painting or concept originated from this fascinating city with a web site. We have tried to offer a preview, to those interested in coming and seeing for them selves, introducing the subjects we believed more interesting but aware of the fact that every topic we discussed might be deepened enormously and only with years of hard study and sharp observation.

How to use this site:

The structure of our home page has been designed to allow the navigator, interested in travelling to Italy and, specifically, in Florence, to rapidely select a topic by clicking on one of the various directories located on top of this page. The Florence by Net Logo is present in each page of the site and links to the homepage. The flags on the right top portion of the page can be used to switch idiom. Below isa brief description of each directory.

History of Florence:

This directory contains a chronological table of the main events happened in Italy and Florence, in the last the two thousand years. Inside are many links to other sites specifically dedicated to each topic.

Architecture in Florence:

A conspicous tasting of some of the most famous monuments in Florence with photographies, short descriptions and links to the arguments on the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Renaissance in Florence:

Renaissance is the artistic and cultural period, traditionally set between XV° and XVI° century, characterized by an extraordinary artistic and literary flourishing and by the free development of thought, derived by a vision of life and reality independent from metaphysical and religious concepts, expressed in a new manner thank to the modern awareness gained by men after the long period of decadence experienced in the middle age, indeed defined the "dark" age. The cultural and scientific renovation started in Italy in the XV° century. Florence was Renaissance's main epicentre, from there it reached the rest of Europe. In science, theology, literature and art, Renaissance started with the rediscovery of Greek and Roman text-books, which induced new studies and inventions in the next century. The core renaissance concept resides in the consideration by which men is the maker of his own faith. The fracture with the foggy middle age beliefs is evident. In philosophy, we witness the revival of Neoplatonism, promoter of the renewed interest in beauty and flourishing of artistic expression, in Florence and in the the rest of the world.

Literature in Firenze:

A selection of the most relevant sites, with descriptions and links, obtained by searching the internet for information related to the huge amount of material available on literates and poets who, from Florence, have changed italy and the world.

Florence Museums:

The complete list of every florentine museum, among which the Uffizi Gallery: one of the most important in Italy and the world, with descriptions and links.

Art Galleries in Florence:

An accurate list of all the major florentine art galleries with descriptions and links.

Born in a Florence:

A long list of personages, known in Italy and in the world for their contribution to humanity in the most varied fields of science, art, culture, and fashion.

Maesters of the past:

Another long list of personages, more or less known in Italy and abroad for their contribution in the field of art.

Contemporary Art inFlorence:

A list of contemporary florentine artists who took the challenge of trying to contribute with new works of modern conception to the more than substantial florentine artistic patrimony. Pictures, descriptions and links.

Mappa di Florence:

An accurate map of Florence made by the graphic designer Giovanni Mattioli expressely for our navigators who are allowed to print or reproduce it without limitations.

Tuscany map:

Tuscany map

Italy map:

Italy map

Trasportation in Florence:

A list, with descriptions and links, of the most common transportation means useful in Florence. Airplanes, Trains, Buses, Taxies, Motorbikes e Cicles.

Itineraries in Florence:

A suggested free itinerary to make one's self an idea of Florence with links to Pubs, Restaurants in particularly interesting areas.

Food in Florence:

A list of miscellaneous information about gourmet food to be found in Florence with descriptions and links.

Schools in Florence:

An accurate list of all the major florentine schools with descriptions and links.

Weather in Florence:

A concise description of the weather of Italy and Florence in the various seasons. References to the clothes needed. Available in the page a link to one of the most reliable on-line weather forecast operator.

Fashion in Florence:

The list of the major florentine trademarks known in Italy and the rest of the world, with descriptions and links.

Wines from Florence:

The list of the major florentine wine producers considered among the best in the world.

Tours in Florence:

A list of tour operators specialized in Florence and Tuscany area, with descriptions and links.

Pixctures of Florence:

A splendid selection of pictures made by the photographer Filippo Giorgi, representing florentine monuments and views at different times of the day.

Restaurants in Florence:

One of the most exhaustive lists of the best florentine reastaurants with descriptions and links.

Pubs e Bars a Florence:

A lists of the best florentine Pubs and Bars with descriptions and links.

Nightlife in Florence:

A lists of the best florentine Discos with descriptions and links.

Hotels in Florence:

A selection of florentine Hotels made together with "", one of the major reservation system of the entire Internet

Bed and Breakfast in Florence:

One of the most exhaustive lists of the best florentine area Bed and Breakfast with descriptions and links.

Home rental in Florence:

A lists of selected florentine commercial and private home rental operators with descriptions and links.

Farm stays in Florence:

A lists of selected florentine commercial and private farm stays operators with descriptions and links.

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